Friday, 31 January 2014

Personalized Guardian Angels :D

Here they are... My Guardian Angels....I'm so excited to show them off... Hope You like them too :D

One of them (the one with darker hair) is waiting to be personalized and to be send to her new home :)
The other  will be for sale on the Ben's market the 9-th of February. If anyone is interested just pop over and see:

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Announcement :)

It is nearly 12 at night, and I'm so so tired...but I had to come and tell you that I've got something to show you which you may like... :)

It is a little announcement of what I've done...I'm so excited about that...but I will add photos of finished work tomorrow...because I have lot of them :)

And I really like them:

I made two of them, the third one is still waiting to be finished...but believe me, my sweet angels look much better all painted. Can't wait to show you some more photos. Hope You will pop up tomorrow to see them 

Nite nite 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Face painting

Hello in the evening.
At the beginning I wanted to say that I'm sorry I didn't write anything yesterday... and didn't add any new items I did but I had really busy week. I had many lovely customers for their nails done...But hopefully I will add some new goodies which I've been working on recently  soon.
I'm making some salt dough angels and elf.
Tonight I'm going to paint some of them. When I'm lucky I will add something new tomorrow or friday night .
Watch this space for new may like them

This evening a few photos of my kids from haloween party at school...I forgott to add them earlier...
Fabian was a skeleton and Maja was Clawdeen Wolf Monster High :)

Hope you enjoy it :)

Monday, 27 January 2014

Tutti frutti

Good evening. I had really busy day today. I've been working on my leaflets, posters and bussines cards,,, then we went on  a small trip with kids to Edinburgh, then
went to Zubma class as well and did my stretching...
Tonight just the nails for those who are crazy about them. Something sweet and simple...
I did my right hand which means I had to use my left to do it ;)
So please excuse any mistakes

Here you go

To make them I used is a hybrid of gel and polish in one. They have to be cured in UV lamp. So you can enjoy wearing them two weeks or even more.
Lets go back to description... I used white and pink Gelish as a base. Then with dark and light pink I made the spots in hearts shapes...the end... Simple and nice

See you tomorrow !!!

Thanks for visiting

Sunday, 26 January 2014

My cards

Forgive me guys I didn't add anything new yesterday...but hope You will like my adding this evening.
I'm going to show you some of my cards I made for many different ocasions...
I do my cards on custom orders usually but when I got inspired I make a lot of them just for fun :D

I will add  a few here on my home page , but rest of them you can see on my page called "What else I do" just below main photo on my blog....

Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you are interested of any of my card. i can do it on custom order. Just please remember they are handmade and handpainted so you will never see two exactly the same. Even if they are all most the same you always find difference between them

I know it is after Christmas already but you can see some ideas for next year ;)

 And this one  I made for my friends when their son was born. I really love that technique but it takes a lot of time to do one like this. It's called pergamano.... and You have to use special tools and materials to make something like that. If anybody is more interested about this technique, just let me know...I will write a little bit more about it.

And with this one I use salt dough to make the angel. First I did a dough, then I formed a shape of angel, baked in oven , and finally painted.

To see more of my cards go to "What else I do" page
Thank you for visiting it is really important for me,,,and it means a lot to me :-*

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Off today!!!

I'm off today for birthday party so won't be able to add anything new I'm afraid.... but I promise I'll be back tomorrow....
Hope to see you here tomorrow guys
Thank you for visiting!!!!

Friday, 24 January 2014

salt dough sheeps

Hello in the evening....time to write some post now :)
Had a good day. One of my friend came today to have her nails done. I got nice feedback from her...She said that this is impossible that nails done by me last for so long....Yey!!!! It was so nice to hear that....I got more motivation to work even harder...

But now I'm going to show you salt dough sheeps which can be very good as a gift to someone.
These sheeps I did last year for each child who came to my daughter's birthday party. But you can give it to someone on many ocasions. Why??? Cause they are just very cute creatures  and would look nice on the wall in every house...
The idea and tutorial I took from other blog...
And here is the you can try it at home :)

Tell me if you like it and want to buy one.... I will do some more with pleasure :-*

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Are you interested of buying anything???

If you are interested of owning one of my little things contact me via e-mail, or facebook or my mobile phone.
All contact details are on "contact me" page just below the main photo on my blog.
~Please remember all my items are handmade so there will never be two exactly the same...Everything is unique so if you like it get in touch.
If you like one of my already made item but in different colour just let me know your preferences. I'll try to do my best to make it your way :)

What else I do...

Hello everybody. I had really good day. It starded in the morning when I've checked my facebook.
Two people shared my blog with others and I've decided to join to other making art lovely ladies to donate one of my little things for auction for a little boy to make his dreams come true....
I'm so so happy today. I don't know which one I will donate but I think I may do something special....and I'm really excited about it....

You may not know a lot about me but trough sharing my little art with you guys you can see what kind of person I am and What is important to me, what I love and what I don't like.I hope you like it...

Here are my drawings for you to see. If anyone would be interested of anything I do, please contact me For details.

This is my son Fabian when he was about 6 months old. Now he is 3,5 years old...big big boy...and goes to nursery at the moment.

About this one...You have to know that I'm crazy not only about art but about dogs and other animals too. I've started drawing and painting dogs when I was a primary school. I even wanted to be a vet...
I'm not a vet just now as you can see, I'm a nail technician and I love to do some kind of art....but I still love animals...I've got 10 years old shi-tzu and nearly 2 years old cat.
And this one on the picture is chavalier king charles spaniel...a little sweet dog with great personality...


I will add more of my drawings and paintings on the page called " What else I do"  just below the main photo on my blog.
I will try do do it this evening after my kids are in beds.

See you later



Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Designs on tips

Hi. Hope you all feel good today. I've done my exercise and feel really good...and ofcourse my good mood is because I finally can put some more photos here :)

These are my designs on tips. I've glued tips together to have more space to paint, and I use acrylic paints to do it...

The first one I did cause I love that movie so so much. When I was a child I watched it many times:

The second one I did for on line competition and I won. I was the happiest girl in the world. I'm so glad that other people liked my work. Hope you like it too :)
 I have to do it again...

See you tomorrow everybody who is visiting my blog... I'm happy you are here....Still waiting for any comments ;)

Good night ;-*

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Anyone fancy for tutorial???

Yes... I'm going to sleep in a minute...just wanted to try for the last time put a few pictures on my blog,,, but it doesn't work at all today!!!!! I'm so annoyed!!!

If anyone would be interested of small tutorial how to paint roses (below) on nails just let me know in comments. I'll  be more than happy to show you how I painted them...just a few pictures step by step to make this design...

Hope  this time it will work: it didn't ....

I'm fed up!!!

Try to put some photos tomorrow

See ya

Have a nice sleep guys


Sorry it is the only way I can put my photos on. I have no idea what is going on....
Hope I will sort it out soon...

 Yes!!!! I did it..... oh my God I thought it will never allow me to put more photos.... but finally!!!!!!!!!!!!

And again :-D

Ohhhh Yeah. If you could see me you would see really happy face.... I'm so so happy I could start to kiss my computer in a minute

See you soon guys :)

How difficult is this?

Evening Everyone....
I have no idea if I'll manage to put some photos on my blog tonight as I have problems with saving my posts, writing, etc.
I've spend two hours to fight with google +  options...finally I got there but it was so so hard that I'm just fed up of my blog tonight.
I know I didn't write anything yesterday and sorry for that but I'm  trying all the time to learn about blogging and how to make that page useful for everybody and interesting to come and see...

Please be understanding, I'll sort it out in few days, and hopefully there will be only time to write new posts and pictures for you all

In this place I wanted to Thank you!!!!- my first follower....I'm really happy to see someone visiting my blog
Thank You so much... You made my day :-*

Monday, 20 January 2014

Today is time for teddy bears ;)

Hello guys. It is really late...but I wanted to share with you my socks teddies...which I made some times ago...
I really enjoy doing my little cute socks things...I'm going to do more. Maybe You have any ideas of what to do, or what would you like to see on my blog...then just let me know :)and I will try to make something special for you.
Still I've got trouble with writing in english, but i hope it is not that bad for you to read... I'm learning all the time...and I will improve my english skills some time :)

These are my beloved teddies because this was my first time doing mascots...and probably I will never sell them to anyone...but if anyone really like them and would like to have one I can do another one...but You have to be aware of this they are handmade so there will never be two exactly the same teddies or bunnies or whatever I will do. Hope you know what I mean ;)

My first one. Mr Teddy Bear

And Mrs Teddy Bear

And both together...
Do You like them as much as I do?
I think they are just too them to bits

Think I'll better go now to bed and have some sleep....
Ohh forgot to say that some of my "made with salt and flour" little things are in the oven now. So in a few days I'll show you what else I have made this evening. Ones they are baked. I'll paint them and do some nice photos ....I'm really getting excited about this...hope you too

Good night everyone

Thank you to all who take a look to my blog 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

I feel like the Spring is coming :)

Good evening everyone!!!
How are you guys? Did you have a nice saturday? I've been making my Easter Bunnies but I would like to share them with you when I will make a few of them.
I will try do show you my work at the end of next week.
But tonight I've got something to share with you as welll.
I've been working on it most recently... I just needed to do some flowers to feel like the spring is coming. I wish it was :)
So this is Spring nails:

The nails are extended on paper form. they are gel ones...
Then the best :) This is what I love about doing nails....Painting!!!!
I used acrylic paints and flat brush to paint flowers and leaves,,,,and then I used really tiny tiny pointed brush to finish my work....Now I really feel the spring.... How about you guys...Do you feel a little bit warmer now? Hope you do.

Have a good night. 
See you tomorrow :-*

Friday, 17 January 2014

Make up and face painting

Hello in the evening. Kids are in beds...time for me to write something on my blog.
I had very good day. My son was in nursery second time and he was fine, my daughter for first time went to school by school bus- I'm so proud of her :)
Then I went to my friend for cup of coffee, and later on my best friend visited me in my house...and now I have time for You guys...
Yesterday I started to do my second Bunny as I promised, but haven't finished yet.
Hope to finish him tonight ;)
So this evening I would like to show you some of my make up and face painting works.
You can look and see all of them on "Face painting and make up " page just below the main photo on my blog.
Hope you like it
Looking forward to see your comment too
Here are examples: