Monday, 27 January 2014

Tutti frutti

Good evening. I had really busy day today. I've been working on my leaflets, posters and bussines cards,,, then we went on  a small trip with kids to Edinburgh, then
went to Zubma class as well and did my stretching...
Tonight just the nails for those who are crazy about them. Something sweet and simple...
I did my right hand which means I had to use my left to do it ;)
So please excuse any mistakes

Here you go

To make them I used is a hybrid of gel and polish in one. They have to be cured in UV lamp. So you can enjoy wearing them two weeks or even more.
Lets go back to description... I used white and pink Gelish as a base. Then with dark and light pink I made the spots in hearts shapes...the end... Simple and nice

See you tomorrow !!!

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