Thursday, 23 January 2014

What else I do...

Hello everybody. I had really good day. It starded in the morning when I've checked my facebook.
Two people shared my blog with others and I've decided to join to other making art lovely ladies to donate one of my little things for auction for a little boy to make his dreams come true....
I'm so so happy today. I don't know which one I will donate but I think I may do something special....and I'm really excited about it....

You may not know a lot about me but trough sharing my little art with you guys you can see what kind of person I am and What is important to me, what I love and what I don't like.I hope you like it...

Here are my drawings for you to see. If anyone would be interested of anything I do, please contact me For details.

This is my son Fabian when he was about 6 months old. Now he is 3,5 years old...big big boy...and goes to nursery at the moment.

About this one...You have to know that I'm crazy not only about art but about dogs and other animals too. I've started drawing and painting dogs when I was a primary school. I even wanted to be a vet...
I'm not a vet just now as you can see, I'm a nail technician and I love to do some kind of art....but I still love animals...I've got 10 years old shi-tzu and nearly 2 years old cat.
And this one on the picture is chavalier king charles spaniel...a little sweet dog with great personality...


I will add more of my drawings and paintings on the page called " What else I do"  just below the main photo on my blog.
I will try do do it this evening after my kids are in beds.

See you later




  1. Jej Monika, Ty zdolna kobitka jesteś !!! :) Rysunek to jedna z moich ulubionych pasji, w której niestety troszkę się opuściłam. Świetne prace ! Aż mi się zatęskniło za ołówkami. Pozdrawiam serdecznie i wracam wieczorkiem pooglądać. Czas goni, zmykam, pa :)

  2. Hej Kasia. Dziekuje serdecznie za odwiedzinki i zapraszam ponownie....Ja tez kocham rysunek ale z braku czasu coraz rzadziej to robie...niestety
    Teraz jestem na etapie fascynacji maskotkami i masa solna ktora daje tyyyle mozliwosci...zreszta jak widac :) wystarczy poszukac kilka fanych blogow jak np. Twoj i zobaczyc jakie wspaniale pomysly maja inni na tworzenie