Sunday, 26 January 2014

My cards

Forgive me guys I didn't add anything new yesterday...but hope You will like my adding this evening.
I'm going to show you some of my cards I made for many different ocasions...
I do my cards on custom orders usually but when I got inspired I make a lot of them just for fun :D

I will add  a few here on my home page , but rest of them you can see on my page called "What else I do" just below main photo on my blog....

Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you are interested of any of my card. i can do it on custom order. Just please remember they are handmade and handpainted so you will never see two exactly the same. Even if they are all most the same you always find difference between them

I know it is after Christmas already but you can see some ideas for next year ;)

 And this one  I made for my friends when their son was born. I really love that technique but it takes a lot of time to do one like this. It's called pergamano.... and You have to use special tools and materials to make something like that. If anybody is more interested about this technique, just let me know...I will write a little bit more about it.

And with this one I use salt dough to make the angel. First I did a dough, then I formed a shape of angel, baked in oven , and finally painted.

To see more of my cards go to "What else I do" page
Thank you for visiting it is really important for me,,,and it means a lot to me :-*

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