Friday, 24 January 2014

salt dough sheeps

Hello in the evening....time to write some post now :)
Had a good day. One of my friend came today to have her nails done. I got nice feedback from her...She said that this is impossible that nails done by me last for so long....Yey!!!! It was so nice to hear that....I got more motivation to work even harder...

But now I'm going to show you salt dough sheeps which can be very good as a gift to someone.
These sheeps I did last year for each child who came to my daughter's birthday party. But you can give it to someone on many ocasions. Why??? Cause they are just very cute creatures  and would look nice on the wall in every house...
The idea and tutorial I took from other blog...
And here is the you can try it at home :)

Tell me if you like it and want to buy one.... I will do some more with pleasure :-*

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