Saturday, 18 January 2014

I feel like the Spring is coming :)

Good evening everyone!!!
How are you guys? Did you have a nice saturday? I've been making my Easter Bunnies but I would like to share them with you when I will make a few of them.
I will try do show you my work at the end of next week.
But tonight I've got something to share with you as welll.
I've been working on it most recently... I just needed to do some flowers to feel like the spring is coming. I wish it was :)
So this is Spring nails:

The nails are extended on paper form. they are gel ones...
Then the best :) This is what I love about doing nails....Painting!!!!
I used acrylic paints and flat brush to paint flowers and leaves,,,,and then I used really tiny tiny pointed brush to finish my work....Now I really feel the spring.... How about you guys...Do you feel a little bit warmer now? Hope you do.

Have a good night. 
See you tomorrow :-*

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