Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How difficult is this?

Evening Everyone....
I have no idea if I'll manage to put some photos on my blog tonight as I have problems with saving my posts, writing, etc.
I've spend two hours to fight with google +  options...finally I got there but it was so so f....ing hard that I'm just fed up of my blog tonight.
I know I didn't write anything yesterday and sorry for that but I'm  trying all the time to learn about blogging and how to make that page useful for everybody and interesting to come and see...

Please be understanding, I'll sort it out in few days, and hopefully there will be only time to write new posts and pictures for you all

In this place I wanted to Thank you!!!!- my first follower....I'm really happy to see someone visiting my blog
Thank You so much... You made my day :-*

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