my customer's nails

Hi Everyone. Hope you will like my blog about art of my soul. As many of you know I'm nail technician and
I'm doing nails as a mobile nail technician. So if you like my work and if you would like me to come to your house to make something unique on your finger nails or toe nails get in touch :)
This is my first blog...which I'm going to write in English please, please  be understanding. I'm trying my best to keep my english as good as possible.

So let's start...

These are done with gel polish...which means you wear it like polish but it needs to be cure in UV/LED lamp. It lasts longer than normal nail polish....about two weeks, and even 3 weeks in some case.
This is sparkle silver shade. 
I made 3D acrylic flowers on the top with swarovsky crystals in the middle of flowers.

 I'm going to show you some of my previous work. some of them are really old ones and some of them most recent. Excuse if some od photos will be poor quality. I'm trying my best to develop my photograph skills ;)

These are mine. It is gel polish which is similar to normal nail polish but it is cured in UV/Led lamp, and you can wear it longer than normal nail polish...about two weeks, in some cases even longer

This is gel polish as well as the ones above. 

Gel extension on one of my customers fingernails. Purple french with 3D acrylic flowers placed in between layers of gel

This is again gel polish, but this time I've painted flowers on some nails using acrylic paints.

This is my and my daughter's feet. Some time ago we decided we want exactly the same design on our toe nails. I used  Avon wrap foils to do it. That foils are ok but in my opinion minx foils are much better and last much longer than Avon foils. Anyway I would do it again with my daughter :)

Amy's black and white french with some glitter on the top. 
Again Gel extension


  1. Kurde Monika ja jestem w szoku ! :) Widać, że to kochasz :)

    1. Dziekuje Kasienko :)
      Najbardziej kocham tworzyc, paznokcie tez lubie robic ale najwieksza pasja sa moje inne dziela, ktore widac na blogu...
      Moze kiedys zisci sie moj sen :)