Face painting and make-up

This year haloween. It was so cold but my kids asked me to go for some sweeties...so we did. First I painted them and myself (had to do it very quickly because it was really late) 
Maja on the photo below wanted to be a vampie so do I ;)
And  Fabian was a  Hulk :)

Maja after we came back home:

Me and Fabian after I tried to wash his face. It didn't want to came off his face, so he looked like he was from Adam's family ;)

Fabian as a Hulk:

And me as a Vampire

All together....ups sorry for showing my kitchen as well 

My friend's daugther asked me to paint her face on haloween party at school. I think it looked cool. How do You think???

Here I've been practicing on my frind's daugter my face painting. Unfortunatly I had to use not very good paints, but still I think it wasn't too bad. 

Haloween party at school a Year ago. My two year old son and six year old daughter ;) 
Excuse my little boy face painting but it was so hard to keep him still for a minute...and he touched his face several times so here he is ha ha

Painted myself for caveman party :-D

And here I made a leopard pattern make up for Nando's animal party

And some of my practice on my daughter:

and my son...even younger. think he was about 1,5 year old

Make up for hen night for my  friends

Work in progress 
for a night out 

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