Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Anyone fancy for tutorial???

Yes... I'm going to sleep in a minute...just wanted to try for the last time put a few pictures on my blog,,, but it doesn't work at all today!!!!! I'm so annoyed!!!

If anyone would be interested of small tutorial how to paint roses (below) on nails just let me know in comments. I'll  be more than happy to show you how I painted them...just a few pictures step by step to make this design...

Hope  this time it will work:

.....no it didn't ....

I'm fed up!!!

Try to put some photos tomorrow

See ya

Have a nice sleep guys



Sorry it is the only way I can put my photos on. I have no idea what is going on....
Hope I will sort it out soon...

 Yes!!!! I did it..... oh my God I thought it will never allow me to put more photos.... but finally!!!!!!!!!!!!

And again :-D

Ohhhh Yeah. If you could see me you would see really happy face.... I'm so so happy I could start to kiss my computer in a minute

See you soon guys :)

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