Easter decorations

Is it to early to put on some Easter designs? Hope it's not ;)
These are my beloved  Easter Lambs...hope you like them as much as much I do.
I've made them with salt and flour, then I put them to the oven, baked them... then I used acrylic paints to make them even more cute and the last step was to spray them with Lacquer...
I saw this cute Lambs on other blog...I fell in love with them...so here they are...
This is address of the blog where I took my inspitation from:

There will be more pictures of them later on... :)

I'm adding my Easter Bunny here as well... I don't know how to put the same post on my home page and here. don't know if this is possible at all....yeah I know I'm rubbish blogger at the moment but belive me I'm getting there :)
So here it  is my DIY made with socks Easter  Bunny...hope you like it:

Adding my cutie sheeps here as they match here very well. Would you like them as Easter decorations???
Here is the link with tutorial how to make them :)

Another Bunny!!!

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