Monday, 20 January 2014

Today is time for teddy bears ;)

Hello guys. It is really late...but I wanted to share with you my socks teddies...which I made some times ago...
I really enjoy doing my little cute socks things...I'm going to do more. Maybe You have any ideas of what to do, or what would you like to see on my blog...then just let me know :)and I will try to make something special for you.
Still I've got trouble with writing in english, but i hope it is not that bad for you to read... I'm learning all the time...and I will improve my english skills some time :)

These are my beloved teddies because this was my first time doing mascots...and probably I will never sell them to anyone...but if anyone really like them and would like to have one I can do another one...but You have to be aware of this they are handmade so there will never be two exactly the same teddies or bunnies or whatever I will do. Hope you know what I mean ;)

My first one. Mr Teddy Bear

And Mrs Teddy Bear

And both together...
Do You like them as much as I do?
I think they are just too them to bits

Think I'll better go now to bed and have some sleep....
Ohh forgot to say that some of my "made with salt and flour" little things are in the oven now. So in a few days I'll show you what else I have made this evening. Ones they are baked. I'll paint them and do some nice photos ....I'm really getting excited about this...hope you too

Good night everyone

Thank you to all who take a look to my blog 

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