What else I do...

Here I would like to show you my other things which I do: drawings, paintings and things which don't match to other places on my blog.
Sometimes I do something for my friends or  members of my family as a gift... so here will be the space for it.

This is my son Fabian when he was about 1,5 years old.... Now he is a big boy (3,5)

This dog is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed. I love to draw dogs...but other animals too

That dog is my beloved breed- whippet...I always dreamed taht some day I will have one ;)

And these two above I painted for my daughter in our previous house on the wall. She liked "Beauty and the Beast" movie so I painted Bella in her bedroom :)

Promised cards :D


  1. Beautiful art work!!! Love all the little painting you do!!!
    Keep posting !!! x

  2. :-* Thank you so much Justyna!!!! I promise I will be adding new post with pictures with what I do as often as possible :)
    I'm glad you like it...