Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hello everyone!!!
It seems like I  am only one person on my blog ha ha...and probably it will stay this way for a while cause I have no idea how to write a blog which others would like to read, and have no idea either how to find people who  would like to visit my blog regularly.
But it is ok.
It's me and my thoughts just now.
Iv'e been thinking about what you guys would like to see here. If anyone have any ideas for me to make or any ideas of topics you would like to read then let me know and I will try my best to satisfy you all.
I can do some tutorials feel free to ask me to do it ;)
Today I didn't have time to create something new (being with kids at home is never have time to do anything for yourself unless you still the time to do something ;)  ) , but I think I will do another Easter Bunny this night....Ohh I forgott I've never showed you my first one...Sorry I'm going to do it right now:

Here you go!!!
I've found This cute bunnies somewhere on-line. It was DIY idea to make them using socks.
I've bought children's socks with hearts design on them and I think it is good idea for Easter bunnies, or just cuddle bunnies for kids. How do you think?
Any advise are more than welcome. I will answer all your questions if you have any.
I think I will add some ribbons as well...just on his ear to make him even cuter.

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