Sunday, 2 February 2014

Third Guardian Angel!!!

Evening everyone!
I've managed to finish my third Angel. This is unbelievable how much happiness this bring to my life...I mean making them... this is like I'm putting a life to my salt dough them a soul...
I just can't even think that I could not do this anymore. Art is my life and I hope it will bring some sunshine to someones life too.
Enjoy seeing my photos!!!!

I think They look like sisters... I mean this one and the two from previous post. And Even two of them look like twins to me....this one and the one with darker hair from previous post...Don't you think...
This one will go to Ben's market as well so if you like them just visit their page:
The market is the 9-th of February.
Everyone is welcome to see lovely goodies ans buy for Ben :)

Good night everyone

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